Project Management

Equity Fire Solutions employs a hands-on philosophy on every project. Our project management approach ensures that each and every project is delivered on time and within budget.


  • Understand customer requirements
  • Formulate and understand scope for the project


  • In accordance with approved standards and by laws
  • Issue design certificate for council approval


  • A team of competent personal install required equipment as per approved design
  • Issue installation certificate

Commissioner inspect and test installations and once satisfied that installation is compliant then issue a commission certificate.


In addition to the services mentioned above Equity Fire Solutions offer install and service the following products.


Hose reels for the purpose of firefighting shall be installed in any building of two or more storeys in height or in any single storey building of more than 250m2  in floor area, at a rate of one hose reel every 500m2 or part thereof of floor area in any storey, provided that such hose reels shall not be required in any building classified as H4 or in any dwelling unit in an occupancy classified as H3 where each unit is provided with independent access to ground level. Any hose reel installed in such building shall comply with the requirements in SANS 54, shall be installed in accordance with SANS 10105-1 and SANS 10400-W, and shall be maintained in accordance with the requirements in SANS 1475-2


Hydrants in positions subject to direction by the local authority shall be provided in

  1. Any building that exceeds 12m in height, and
  2. Any building (excluding buildings classified as H4) of any height with a total floor area that exceeds 1000m2

A hydrant shall comply with the requirements of SANS 1128-1


Portable fire extinguishers installed in a building shall comply with the requirements in 1910, and shall be installed, maintained and serviced by competent persons in accordance with SANS 1475-1 and SANS 10105-1


Such portable fire extinguishers shall bear a certification mark from an accredited certification body.


A fire extinguisher that exceeds the capacity prescribed in SANS 1910 or SANS 1151, as relevant, and that is fitted with wheels for transportation, shall be deemed to be a mobile fire extinguisher.


Transportable, rechargeable fire extinguishers shall comply with the requirements of SANS 11601



Any building containing an occupancy classified as

  1. F1, with a floor area of more than 500m2
  2. H1, H2, E2 or E3, irrespective of height or floor area,

Shall be equipped with a fire detection systems and alarm system that is designed, installed and maintained by competent persons in accordance with SANS10139


Any fire door or fire shutter shall comply with the requirements of SANS 1253


Any fire door or fire shutter (excluding fire doors and fire shutters to service shafts and service rooms) shall be fitted with a self - closing device or automatic closing device in accordance with the requirements of SANS 1253

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